21 Days of Prayer: Organization


Good morning, good morning, good morning to the Rise and Grind Crew!  Grab your cup of coffee, grab your device and let’s get into this word!

Taken out of context 1 Corinthians 14:40 says that we should be sure that the whole of our life and ministry is done in a place of order.  Organization and pride have kept me from a lot of blessings.  I wonder if I am the only one, I doubt it seriously.  As men we tend not to ask for help when we need it from our spouses, our family our doctors to name a few.  I admonish you to get your life organized so you can live your best life and part of that is asking for assistance when you need it.  Today we will start by asking God to help us get organized in every area of our life.  NO MORE CHAOS!  God we need order.  Being unorganized will lead to missing important deadline, always forgetting where you put your keys, missing important dates for the most important people in your life.  Pray with me today for organization and experience what God can do with an organized man.  




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