TBT (ThrowBackTuesday) Vantage Point 2


Hey everyone thanks for tuning in.  Your listenership is really appreciated.  We are doing a TBT to a podcast that we first published in October of 2020, Vantage Point.  This is number 2 in the series.  I believe there are 5 in total.  Take a listen to day and be sure to go back and listen to all of the Vantage Point Series.  Again thanks for listening and know that I am praying for you.

Heavenly Father thank you for the person reading this prayer right now.  I pray that you will bless them with everything that they need for life as you have promised in your word.  Give them patience, and peace, favor and fight, love and laughter in their life.  Thanks Jesus for hearing us and granting us our prayer.  In your name I pray, amen.

Thank you for being part of the #RiseAndGrindCrew! I am glad you are here. It is my prayer that the #MorningMeditationForMen podcast/prayercast are helping you to obtain a deeper richer relationship with Jesus Christ. All while enjoying a deliciously rich cup of #Coffee #Java #CupOfJoe! Have a super day brothers. Peace and Blessings and thank you for listening to the #Podcast every #Tuesday and #Thursday




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Intro Music: “Say Goodnight” Joakim Kraud

Other Music: Vision

Contact Information:

S Geoffrey Monts: LoveLaughLegacy@Gamil.com


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