Morning Meditation For Men

Good morning, good morning good morning this is The Impact Man and Welcome to The Rise and Grind Crew! Morning Meditation For Men is a podcast for men by a man who loves to live the Grace life, and enjoys a great cup of coffee all day long. Everyday we brothers get up and keep going day after day, it is what we do we Rise & Grind. Morning Meditation has been designed to encourage us on our journey of life. The principals of faith, grace and living our best life that we discuss every Tuesday & Thursday transcend all boundaries that society and self have place upon us. The words and viewpoints are about moving beyond hurt, pain, rejection and moving forward into a life fill with Grace! Grace gives us the freedom to live. Live a life full and abundant. We will hit on some hard subjects and some not so hard subjects. Join us every Tuesday and Thursday in a journey that will sure have you in a place of contemplation and meditation throughout your week.

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The Art of Waiting with God

Morning Meditation For Men: The Podcast Season 4 Episode 25 The bible instructs us to wait.  Wait on the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes wait on the Lord! Psalm 27:14. As men it is imperative that we wait for instruction on life, family, career, finances, and so many other decisions […]

Morning Meditation For Men

Remember, you have what you need in you to be successful in this life.  Now Go and walk in your God given authority as a man of God.  Walk with your head up and your chest out and lead with God love.  You have got this!

He’s Got Your Back: Revival!

Summary Exodus 34 23 “Three times a year all your men must come into the presence of the Master, the Lord God of Israel. 24 I will force nations out of your way and will expand ⌞your country’s⌟ borders. No one will want to take away your land while you’re gone three times a year […]

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S Geoffrey Monts

S Geoffrey Monts AKA “The Impact Man” is a Husband, Father, Pastor and Culinary Educator who is passionate about sharing Hope to a all.

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