Morning Meditation For Men

Good morning, good morning good morning this is The Impact Man and Welcome to The Rise and Grind Crew! Morning Meditation For Men is a podcast for men by a man who loves to live the Grace life, and enjoys a great cup of coffee all day long. Everyday we brothers get up and keep going day after day, it is what we do we Rise & Grind. Morning Meditation has been designed to encourage us on our journey of life. The principals of faith, grace and living our best life that we discuss every Tuesday & Thursday transcend all boundaries that society and self have place upon us. The words and viewpoints are about moving beyond hurt, pain, rejection and moving forward into a life fill with Grace! Grace gives us the freedom to live. Live a life full and abundant. We will hit on some hard subjects and some not so hard subjects. Join us every Tuesday and Thursday in a journey that will sure have you in a place of contemplation and meditation throughout your week.

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Classic Bible Study with Pastor Monts

Summary Join us as we study the book of Galatians.  It’s “Throw Back Thursday” and we are going back to a bible study that we did online with Kingdom Impact Church.    Come with us as we walk through the book of Galatians. Please excuse the puppy whining in the background she was a new to […]

It’s Up To Us 2: Turn

Summary God requires us to TURN from our wicked way, our sinful and sin filled lives.  He requires us to move from out past and move forward with him.  Sin is simply missing the mark.  If you have missed the mark with honesty, integrity, morality, belief and so on; if you have missed the mark […]

It Is Up To Us!

Summary When we, the chosen, the elect, the ekkilsia, God’s redeemed tap into the true power of prayer that is when we will see result!  I admonish you to tap into prayer.  Today we jump into 2 Chronicles and discover that God has chosen us to set up residence in, and He has laid out […]

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S Geoffrey Monts

S Geoffrey Monts AKA “The Impact Man” is a Husband, Father, Pastor and Culinary Educator who is passionate about sharing Hope to a all.

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