Thank You!


Psalm 136 is an example of antiphonal praise to Jehovah!  Right there in the first few verses the psalmist writes that our God is the only God!  But what stands out to me in this is beautiful call and response is that the choir keeps saying THANK YOU!  Brothers thank you must become part of our daily vocabulary.  We must continue with thanks on our lips not just to God, but our spouse, our children, our family!  In the great times, never forget to say thank you that you are in that state, in the rough times say thank you that God is providing a way of escape from that place too.   Thank you makes room for more.  It opens a portal of possibilities for our lives.  Never forget to say THANK YOU.  

With that I want to say thank you for all of you all over the globe who are listening and sharing Morning Meditation For Men.  I am honored that you share a few moments with me each week.  It is my prayer that our time together will be rewarding, challenging and motivating for you.  I know that they are for me.  Again, Thank You. 

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Scripture: Psalm 136: 1-9 (God’s Word Translation)

Theme Music: “Say Goodbye” by Joakim Karud

Peace! S Geoffrey Monts


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