The Art of Waiting With God


Season 4 Episode 25

S Geoffrey Monts

The Art of Waiting with God

The bible instructs us to wait. Wait on the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes wait on the Lord! Psalm 27:14. As men it is imperative that we wait for instruction on life, family, career, finances, and so many other decisions from our commander. Our commander is God! Proverbs strongly suggest that in all that we do we should acknowledge God, and the promise of acknowledging God in what we do is He, Jehovah, will correct and straighten our paths.

However when we wait on God it is not a passive waiting process, it is an active waiting process. The act of waiting on God requires us to do something! As men it is in our nature no to sit around and do nothing, so why would we think that when it come to God’s handiwork in our lives that we should just sit around and wait on him to fix it all. Our relationship with God requires us to be active participants in all that happens in our lives. From our salvation to the building of our family or even the building of an empire raised to give God glory.

I fully understand that active waiting come with its issues. You may feel apprehension, uncertainty or even doubt when you begin to walk out what you have heard Holy Spirit speak to you about your life. This is when we must activate our faith. Hebrews 11:6 reminds us, without faith it is impossible to please God. James 2:17 comes back and says: FAITH without works is dead! Let that sink in. Brothers it takes more than simply just saying God “called” me to it and then sitting around and not doing anything. We must “ACTIVELY WAIT” on God.

When we actively wait on God we will experience his Grace as we flow from place to place, make good decisions and even poor one, have moments of joy and moments of great tears and sorrow. However when you actively wait God is walking every step with you to give you great success.

Prayer Prompts:

Teach Me to wait actively

Give me patience when I make mistakes

Guide my foot steps

Guild my life steps

Thank you for a secured victory

Increase and strengthen my faith

Thank you for strength and courage to carry out your plan for me as a man

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